Our youth ministry is split into three main areas:

  • Vision – for school years 10-13 – meets Sundays at 7.30pm within a home group setting
  • Unity – for school years 7-9 – meets on a Sunday morning at The Mill
  • Youth Club – for school years 7 and above – meets at The Hill

Here’s what some of our young people have to say about their groups:



“Vision is a welcoming, relaxing and enjoyable place where young people gather to learn more, not only about Jesus but about each other.”

“Vision allows me to talk about things that I may not feel comfortable talking about usually. There is a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere and it’s a lovely way to end the week.”

“Vision is a place where we come together to learn and grow in our faith.”



“It is very fun and a nice time to socialise, but it is also educational.”

“It makes me feel valued and it is a nice way to finish the week. It’s also a great way to make new friends.”


Youth club

“Youth club is a place where young people can come together and be themselves.”

“An escape from the problems of our lives.”

“A place where you can share your problems and receive advice and support in a comfortable environment.”