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Vision is a group of teenagers coming together to learn and grow in their faith. It’s a safe space that allows young people to talk and pray about issues that occur in their day-to-day lives, as well as worldwide. It’s a place where we can gather together to learn more, not only about Jesus, but about each other as well.


Vision has a friendly and accepting atmosphere, which encourages young people to explore their faith, make new friends and pray together. Here, friends become like family and many a cake and biscuit are enjoyed as we discuss the Bible, our relationship with God and how we can continue to apply this to our lives during our time away from the group.


Vision is welcoming to all and is a great way to spend a Tuesday evening.

soul survivor

Every summer we go to Soul Survivor in Stafford  where thousands of us gather together to worship God, learn what it means to live for Jesus in every area of our lives, to pray for one another and to have loads of fun! 



Unity is our Sunday morning group for younger youth in school years 7 – 9

Unity have their own room on the 2nd floor of The Mill. Unity enjoy food and some games and the focus over the past months has been getting to know the Bible and exploring more ways to connect to God through his Holy Spirit.


Extremeity is when Unity and years 5 & 6 from Extreme come together for a monthly event. Extremeity is aimed at building community and sharing faith together. Once in Year 9 young people join Vision, our group for older youth, that meets on Tuesday evenings.

UNITY and EXTREMEITY are "crossover" groups from children to youth activities.



Sunday Mornings:


Tuesday Nights:

Young peoples aged 12 -18