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Connect WITH BCC


ChurchSuite is the app at the heart of connecting people to Banbury Community Church. ChurchSuite allows you to see what's going on, manage your details, check rotas, sign up to events and loads more. If you consider yourself part of the BCC Church Family then ChurchSuite is a must! Details on how to sign up are below.

If you already have a ChurchSuite account you can log in here:

To sign up to ChurchSuite just follow these easy steps...

1. Submit the Connect Form 

Please fill out the connect form below to create an account:

2. Download the App

Once you have received confirmation of your ChurchSuite login details, you can follow these links to download the app to access your account. Alternatively, head to the Apple or Google Store and search for ChurchSuite. Please note that you will not have app access until you have received your ChurchSuite login invitation email.

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